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First registration worldwide for BASF’s Tirexor herbicide in Australia

BASF received the world’s first registration for the company’s innovative Tirexor herbicide by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

The active ingredient Tirexor is the first new mode of action for the burndown of grass weeds in 20 years.

Australian growers of wheat, durum and barley will be first to use Tirexor based products, marketed under the Voraxor brand. It allows them to enhance the spectrum and longevity of their pre-emergent weed control. Further dossier submissions for Tirexor in other countries across Asia, South and North America are planned.

“We are excited to introduce an important new herbicide to the market that will give growers more choice for effective weed control and fill existing gaps in their weed control programs,” said Peter Weinert, Vice President Global Strategic Marketing Herbicides at BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division.

“Tirexor offers outstanding control of broadleaf weeds and will be a significant innovative tool for the suppression of annual ryegrass.”

Tirexor is a fast-acting and flexible herbicide providing farmers a new foundation for the control of weeds. As a highly complementary and compatible mixing partner, it features durable residual activity and displays strong performance on weeds with low use rates. Additionally, it is flexible enough for use on multiple crops. Targeted crop and non-crop opportunities include corn, soybean, cereals, peanut, citrus, pome fruit, tree nuts, oil palm, pulse crops, and total vegetation management.

Tirexor works by inhibiting the enzyme protoporphyrinogen oxidase thereby disrupting the cell membrane of plants. It uses a novel binding mechanism for optimal control and burndown of broadleaf and grass weeds, which have encountered significant weed resistance issues.