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Finding that perfect business blend

Managing Director John White goes back to school to see how science lessons can help businesses.

Welcome dear reader to your latest edition of Inside Industry. We are proud to bring you this latest copy of your business to business magazine and trust that you will find in the pages that follow a wealth of information in the form of news items, event listings, promotional features and advertising as well as the latest product launches in the busy world of industry.

As you have come to expect from us, we also focus on certain sectors in each edition and this time it is the turn of chemicals and those industries directly and indirectly linked to this popular area. Inside Industry has enjoyed a media partnership with many chemicals and coatings events and one that we have attended and been partnered with for many years is Chemspec. A few of my team members have enjoyed a trip to this event in the past and the result has not only been a great opportunity to meet friends old and new, but also has helped us broaden our understanding of the many facets that make up this market.

I don’t mind admitting that my understanding of it is limited to what I learned at school in our science classes where with goggles, a white lab coat and Bunsen burners, we would attempt to mix different chemicals and avoid singeing our eyebrows off! It takes a great deal of understanding and patience to learn the formulas and determine what blends are needed to attain the desired result. I discovered quickly that I did not have the aptitude for this area of science and therefore my career moved in a different direction.

My tenuous link (those that know me knew there would be one) is to compare these formulas with finding the correct formula for a good business model and obtaining the perfect ingredients needed to make that happen. Therefore, my personal periodic table is knowing what sectors work well together and when mixed correctly in the right proportions, result in exactly what our audience want to read about, all presented in an educational and enjoyable way. As with any experiments or improved formulas, an element (pun intended) of trial and error is required. This, you will be relived to hear, we get from you by way of feedback rather than the singeing of your eyebrows.

As I have already touched on, we often attempt to mix different ingredients to find the solution to certain problems or challenges. An example of this can be found in our interview with Dr Bharat Bhardwaj, the founder of GoBuyChem – a revolutionary online portal for trading chemicals. Dr Bhardwaj’s desire to find the formula to improve the sharing of best practices and networking has helped build bridges and progress the industry.

I will leave you now in the capable hands of such individuals who enjoyed and understood this mysterious art at school and who now wear the goggles and white lab coats with pride. From
trial and error, their eyebrows may not still be intact but they can certainly better explain how their particular blend might be of benefit to you so that you don’t mix the wrong ingredients with disastrous results.

John White, Managing Director


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