Bombardier Transportation relocates global headquarters within Berlin


Rail technology frontrunner Bombardier Transportation is to relocate its global headquarters within Berlin. The company’s new headquarters will be located in the Eichhornstraße 3 building at Potsdamer Platz, in the heart of the German capital.

Laurent Troger, President, Bombardier Transportation, said: “Our new global headquarters is a fundamental part of our global transformation plan to make Bombardier Transportation a more agile and competitive organisation. Creating the most innovative and best performing mobility solutions, in an increasingly competitive and digital environment, requires more active collaboration between and among our teams. Our new headquarters will be a catalyst for innovative ways of working and will play a major role in leveraging the benefits of the strong teamwork we have between our departments and business units, as well as customers and partners.”

In the new office, approximately 250 employees will benefit from an optimised workplace providing an increased number of spaces for collaboration, while ensuring personal productivity and a very high degree of flexibility are supported by the right set of digital tools for a paper-lite approach. Colourful open spaces will signal various zones, each dedicated to various types of work, including open and closed environments for focused work, lively areas for interactive collaboration, dedicated socialising spaces and quiet zones for relaxation and reflection.

Bombardier Transportation said moving the corporate headquarters to one of Berlin’s most iconic and historic sites underscores the company’s enduring commitment to the city and the wider European rail market.


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