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Elemica introduces electronic proof of delivery mobile app

Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, introduces Elemica ePOD, an electronic proof of delivery mobile application, helping to improve customer service and productivity.

Elemica ePOD, part of the Elemica Transport application, enables carriers to easily provide real-time shipment data to power shipment visibility needs, leading to enhanced customer service and reduced operating costs for tracking shipments. Elemica Transport with ePOD Mobile App enables carriers to respond to shipment requests and provide valuable tracking information by putting the data collection of shipment milestones into the hands of the driver.

“Determining if a shipment is on-time, expected late, or late is critical to customer service levels,” said Cindi Hane, Vice President, Product Management at Elemica. “Real-time visibility of the delivery process using electronic proof of delivery systems brings transparency to logistics operations, allowing organisations to be proactive in providing customers with the best possible experience.”

Every encounter a customer has with a business creates an imprint in their mind of the experience: if the experience is good, they will buy from that vendor again; if not, they will move on. Eliminating manual, paper-based processes with a proof of delivery application allows companies to gather data about discrepancies in real-time, quickening the order-to-cash process. Collecting feedback from consignees at the point of delivery improves the customer experience.

The Elemica ePod mobile app provides a guided tour for drivers with simple instructions on how to provide milestones and location updates, the ability to enter loaded and delivered quantity updates, enter reasons and comments in the case of exceptions, and take and attach images to the shipment, real-time proof of delivery data including eSignatures, and the ability to collect 5-star shipment rating and survey comments directly from consignees

All data gathered from Elemica ePod is visible in Elemica Trace, a solution that provides real-time shipment visibility to customer service, transport planners, and supply chain managers, allowing them to monitor and proactively manage the movement of products to customers and inbound to manufacturing centres. This data is used to predict estimated times of arrival and will generate alerts to shipments in trouble.

Elemica ePOD mobile app for drivers is available in Google Play and the Apple App Store for download. The app supports nine languages, maintains a driver directory for assigning shipments, and assigns drivers to shipments. The customer experience is improved, invoicing sped up, disputes minimised, and paperwork is significantly reduced to increase productivity and eliminate errors.