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RainWise previews first IoT MK4 weather station

RainWise, a manufacturer of professional grade meteorological equipment, has taken an innovative leap forward with its latest weather station, the MK4.

Called the world’s first true IoT (Internet of Things) weather station, the MK4 is a compact, modular, solar-powered, commercial-grade weather station that uses a variety of IoT and radio protocols.

“Advancements in technology happen quickly,” said Carsten Steenberg, CEO of RainWise, Inc.

“We have been ahead of the curve with weather stations starting with the first digital consumer weather station we developed in the early 80s. The MK4 takes weather data collection to a level that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. This device is ideal for commercial users, monitoring municipal needs, and farmers and growers who want accurate information on soil and fields. The MK4 simply revolutionises weather data availability across the board.”

The MK4 is a single-unit device that comes assembled and equipped with a high power PV panel, an optional UltraSonic wind sensor, a standard aspirated fan to improve temperature and relative humidity accuracy by more than 50%, and optional sensors available for soil temperature and moisture, leaf wetness and solar radiation for agriculture.

“One of the unique features with this new RainWise weather station is that I can have a built-in cell model without any additional hardware except for the cell chip,” said Mr Steenberg.

“Also it comes with an aspirated fan as standard. In other words, this can be cheaper than all other professional weather stations in cellular configurations. In addition to standard cellular, it will also have ALL the IoT radio options; LoRa, sigfox and NB-IoT radio options, plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is big for Ag projects.”

The MK4 also offers more opportunity for remote connectivity than ever before. The MK4 supports cellular data communication worldwide and can connect to any IoT/Radio protocol. The MK4 is Wifi and Bluetooth enabled, which offers direct, real-time access to information including easy setup and registration.

“This is an absolute game-changer for weather data collection,” said Mr Steenberg.

“It’s not just about using the tools to better predict the weather, but cities and towns can use this device for rain and flood monitoring. Businesses can use advanced engineering and design contained in the unit for service outage monitoring and infrastructure mapping. The MK4 combines every possible element of weather data needs with every possible piece of technology available to us and has created the world’s first true IoT weather station.”

The MK4 will be available and on display for the first time at the IoT Tech Expo Global 2019 in London April 25 – 26. The IoT Tech Expo Global is the world’s leading Internet of Things event, giving attendees access to the latest in IoT technology, including the MK4.

“There is a buzz about the MK4,” said Mr Steenberg.

“We have already received order commitments for more than 6000 units in 2019, which is more than a flying start. That buzz will continue to grow once people see it for themselves at the IoT Tech Expo Global in London.”