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New order for supplying of core components of Waste to Energy plant in Taiwan

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd has announced that CTCI Corporation has awarded NSENGI with the core components of a new WtE plant in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

The project, tendered as a BOT scheme by the Taoyuan City Government, was awarded to the Special Purpose Company established between Evergreen Steel Corporation and CTCI Group. This project will feature a WtE plant with a high electricity generation efficiency. NSENGI has been awarded the basic design of the combustion system and supply of the WtE plant's core components, namely the stoker furnace and boiler system, by CTCI.

This project is the first municipal WtE plant since the enactment of the Regulatory Measures for the Establishment of Renewable Energy Power Generation Equipment in 2017 in Taiwan, which requires the plant's electricity generation efficiency to be above 25% for the applicability for Feed in Tariff. NSENGI Group currently has approximately 600 WtE reference plants worldwide; we are especially proud of our ample experience in designing and building high electricity generation efficiency plants which played a key role in winning the confidence of CTCI.

Global demand for Waste to Energy, such as in Taiwan and many parts of Asia, is on the rise; this project is not only another addition to NSENGI's substantial WtE references but also helps concrete NSENGI's position as a global leader in WtE, contributing to providing environmental solutions on a global scale.