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Balfour Beatty discusses building the gateway to the global economy with the launch of latest public policy papers

Recently, Balfour Beatty launched the latest of its Public Policy papers, “Maintaining Momentum: Growth for the North” and “The Midlands Engine: Building the Gateway to the Global Economy”.

The papers focus on enabling a more balanced and competitive economy through improved connectivity across the country, as well as discussing the strategic action required to future-proof regional economies for the long-term.

It is in the interest of the country that the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine are able to flourish through improved connectivity with the rest of the country. Despite the vast number of opportunities and the investment in a number of flagship infrastructure schemes in the North and Midlands, from the Great North Rail project to the transformation of the M62 into a ‘smart’ motorway, the post-Brexit landscape requires a more considered approach to infrastructure spending in order to achieve a balanced national economy.

This is not a choice between improving infrastructure in the North and Midlands over the South for example or vice versa, it is about closing the transport spend gap between London and other regions.

Where public funding is insufficient, new models must be explored to ensure all are strengthening and empowering regions to maximise their potential. The introduction of sub-national transport bodies such as Midlands Connect and Transport for the North marks a major milestone in the delivery of strategic decisions and investment.