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RenalytixAI and AKESOgen in JV partnership for expanded testing capacity and pharma services

RenalytixAI has announced the completion of a joint venture partnership agreement with AKESOgen, an industry-leading commercial laboratory facility and provider of clinical trial precision medicine services located in Atlanta, Georgia.

AKESOgen brings a state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory facility that enables RenalytixAI to immediately scale operations to support additional business partnerships on a variable-cost basis without incurring additional fixed overhead. RENX AI Labs provides RenalytixAI with further operations outside of its recently configured New York City-based clinical laboratory operations in JLABS, a Johnson & Johnson Innovation centre.

The joint venture, named RENX AI Labs, LLC, significantly expands the operational capacity available to RenalytixAI. RENX AI Labs will provide services directly to health systems and pharmaceutical companies located in all regions of the United States. The joint venture enables RenalytixAI to support prospective revenue-generating contract research, clinical diagnostic and clinical trial services that are part of the Company’s core business model with KidneyIntelXTM and other products under development.

RENX AI Labs will help support the programs of pharmaceutical companies by applying AI-enabled diagnostics, beginning with KidneyIntelX, which is currently undergoing clinical validation, to improve patient characterisation and enrich targeting of patients for drug clinical trials for renal disease. Better identification and characterisation of enrolled patients has the potential to reduce trial cost and duration and increases the likelihood of reaching successful outcomes. RENX AI Labs also has the capability to develop companion diagnostics under stringent quality-control processes.