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Rimac opens 100 new jobs

Over one hundred job positions are listed on Rimac Careers page, with career options in all departments: Research & Development, Design, Vehicle Engineering, Manufacturing & Production, Autonomous Driving/Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Operations, and Greyp Bikes.

These positions require a wide range of skills and different backgrounds: everything from engineering to production and assembling.

More than 100 positions are open in the following areas: Machine Learning, Power Electronics, Motor Development, Software Development & Engineering, Hardware Development & Engineering, Control Systems, Thermal and Cooling Systems, Battery Systems Engineering, CAE Engineering, CAD Design, Test Engineers, Gearbox Engineering, Vehicle Dynamics Engineering, Powertrain Engineering, Power Electronics, Wiring, Design, Data Collection & Analysis

Rimac is a highly diverse company of 250 people, employing more than 15 nationalities with all kinds of skillsets. It is located on the outskirts of Croatia’s capital - Zagreb, offering the right work-life balance to enjoy the qualities that Croatia as a Mediterranean country has to offer. It prides itselves in the depth of talent Rimac employ, resulting in a unique place where motors, batteries, infotainment systems, carbon monocoques, suspension systems, and many other interesting technologies are fully developed and manufactured under the same roof. We encourage and support the exchange between these diverse teams – where Electronics Engineers are more than welcome to learn about gearboxes and vice versa.

The average age in the company is 29, meaning that a lot of young people, straight out of university, get the chance to advance under the mentorship of experts from the automotive industry, with experience from companies such as Ferrari, BMW, Honda, Tesla, Pininfarina, Toyota, etc.

Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO, said: “We are not only developing our own vehicles and components, but shaping the industry by working with many of the world’s leading automotive companies. We are proud to call many top-brands our customers and partners - helping them to develop exciting, electrified and connected vehicles. Here you could be working on an exciting autonomous family car and an electric supercar at the same time. We are looking for 100 people right now, but we will be expanding further in the upcoming months and years, creating the capacity and flexibility to deliver on our goals, while committing to create great jobs, both in Croatia and globally.”